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The Plan
to publish the biggest family tree ever seen
This page was last revised
6th December, 2015
The "DUERDENS" Copyright © 2001 - 2015
by Ray Duerden.
All rights reserved
We now have nearly 1900 Duerdens for you to view                                            Click "Family Trees" to view them

To do this I need your help. I have a database containing thousands of records of Births, Marriages and Deaths, Census information, gathered from Libraries, Record Offices and other searchers, all Duerdens or Derivatives. I am looking into making this available to everyone.

The contents of my database can be viewed by clicking on the headings on the left hand side of each page.

Up to now, I have made contact with Duerden Family Tree Searchers from far away places like, Australia, United States of America, Bermuda, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Outer Hebrides and South Africa, as well as many from England. They have all shared with me the information that they have gathered during the compilation of their own Family Trees.
In return I've tried to help them by supplying information extracted from my database. Part of it grows with every new contact I make.

It was suggested that we should try, through the Internet to invite other Duerdens to help each other in their quest.
To attain our goal, every Duerden needs to add their branch to THE Duerden Family Tree. Even if you don't know of any connection to another Duerden tree, submit your branch, it will be added.

Some of you are looking for help with "dead ends" or "brick walls". What better way to find the answers than to put those elusive ancestors online for other Duerdens to see?

Remember, every ancestor was once someone's son/daughter, niece/nephew, brother/sister or a grandchild.
By sharing our information through this website and working as a team, we can have a hand in re-establishing the Duerden Family Tree to its intended splendour.