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Help & Guidance


Part One of my site is a little resumé about me and my family.

By clicking on any of the blue headings (self explanatory), listed on the left hand side of each page you will be directed to that page.

Part Two is dedicated to the Duerdens or derivatives family history.

I've tried to give an introduction as to how and why I started this website. I have also described my plan for the future.

The History page gives a little history as to how maybe the Duerden name originated.

The headings in green list the contents of my database' (Hopefully in the near future I can give live access to these on line).

e.g. The heading Births, takes you to a page , containing a list of years which I have recorded information regarding the details of Surname, Given Name, Year, Exact date or Quarter of Year, District, Volume and Page of where it was recorded.


Name Mid Names Surname Mothers Maiden Name District Sub District Year Vol Page Quart
RAYMOND MARTIN DUERDEN Martin Wallasey   1943 8a 1036 06

Christenings, Marriages, Deaths and Monumental Inscriptions have similar listings. The Census page, lists the census year and areas covered. New Relatives tells us how many Duerdens have contributed to this site. Living Duerdens just informs you of the database of addresses around the world I hold. Family Trees is a page were you can click and view all the trees I've gathered so far. "The Big One" of course is a collection of many small trees in one place.