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Monumental Inscriptions


Grave Stone inscriptions copied from the following Church Cemeteries


Click headings below to view.

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Ashworth    -   Ashworth Methodist    (2)

Briercliffe    -   St. James    (20)

Brierfield     -   Providence Chapel    (15)

Burnley      -   St. Peter    (5)

Burnley      -   The Mitre       (Non-Found)

Clitheroe    -   Cemetery    (7)

Clitheroe    -   St. Michaels & St. John    (Non-Found)


Giggleswick - St. Alkelda    (1)

Gisburn - St. Mary's (Non Found)

Haggate - Haggate & Hill Lane Baptist    (118)


Haslingden - St. James    (41)

Long Preston - Baptist Church     (Non Found)

Long Preston - St. Mary the Virgin    (3)

Nelson - St. Paul's    (7)

Newchurch in Pendle - St. Mary    (7)

Newchurch in Rossendale - Methodist Church    (Non Found)

Newchurch in Rossendale - St. Nicholas    (17)

Padiham - Hall Hill Methodist    (Non Found)

Padiham - Nazareth Chapel    (Non Found)

Padiham - St. Leonard's Parochial    (Non Found)

Pendleton - All Saints    (7)


Sabden - Pendle Methodists    (5)

Sabden - Sabden Baptist    (3)

Sabden, Heyhouses - St. Nicholas Parish    (4)

Settle - Church of Ascension    (Non Found)

Settle - Friends of Meeting House    (Non Found)

Settle - Zion Independent Chapel    (Non Found)

Slaidburn - St. Andrew    (Non Found)

Slaidburn - St. James    (Non Found)

Tatham - St. James the Less    (8)

Thurnham - St. Thomas & Elizabeth RC    (Non Found)

Tosside - Mount Sion Congregational    (Non Found)

Tosside - Bartholomew     (Non Found)

Tottington - Wesleyan Methodist    (4)

Trawden - Cemetery    (2)

Trawden - St. John the Baptist    (Non Found)

Trawden - St. Mary the Virgin (13)

Trawden - Wesleyan Methodist Chapel    (Non Found)

Whalley - Barrow & Whalley Cemetery    (Non Found)