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Listed below are plea's from Duerdens Searchers

If you can help any of them, please email me

Number 001
Wonderful News

Hartley B. Duerdens great-grandson (from Warwickshire) contacted me through this "help page" and found that Philip Ryley (West Yorkshire) had some Masonic artefacts which could have belonged to his grandfather.

After numerous emails and eventually a trip up to Yorkshire, not only did he receive the artefacts but by visiting the local church vicar, picked up some information on his family at the same time.

He presented them to his mother as an 81st. birthday surprise.

From - Philip Ryley Sun 12/1/2003

I am looking for a Hartley B. Duerden. I believe he lived in Heptonstall near Hebden Bridge.
He was a steward of the Bohemian Lodge in 1926 and attended the 1925 Festival.


Please let me know if you can help.

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Number 006
From - Deborah Darnes Amy Duerden Mon 22/11/2004

I've just started to research my husband's family tree (my mother's looking into my own) and wonder whether you may be able to help.  My husband's mother was Amy Duerden before she married John Leslie Darnes in 1938.  As far as we can make out so far, Amy's parents were William Duerden and Emily Duerden nee Read who married in 1894.  On the 1901 Census they are listed as living at No 16 Queen Victoria Street, Blackburn, Lancashire with a son Walter aged 2 and a daughter Laura aged 8 months.  By the time Amy was born in December 1912 they had moved to 9 Garden Street, Blackburn.  My husband, Richard Darnes, born 28 September 1942, seems to remember aunts named Mary and Emily.  Some of the family emigrated to Australia.  Amy died in 1951 when Richard was only 8 years old hence the lack of family memories to fall back on!

If this fits in with your family tree of if you can give me any further information, I would be very grateful.


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Number 005

From - Patrick Wyse Jackson 07/09/2004

I am researching the life and work of a Professor James Edwin Duerden and wonder if he is related to any of your Duerdens.

Any information on him or any of his relations would be greatly appreciated.


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Number 004

From - Belinda Begley 19/06/2004

I am undertaking some genealogical research on behalf of my husband's cousin, Mr Kevin Fish.

Kevin's natural father was Albert Vincent Duerden born in Blackburn England in approximately 1904.

Albert Vincent Duerden's parents were Albert Guthrie Duerden and Margaret Catherine Cross.

At T355 in your large family tree there is a reference to an Albert Duerden born in 1865 who was married to a Margaret Cross. Presumably these people would be the same as Albert Guthrie Duerden and Margaret Catherine Cross (the parents of Albert Vincent Duerden).

I would be grateful if you could advise me of any information you may have about Albert Duerden and Margaret Cross or if you could advise me where I might find out more information about them.

Congratulations on your fine website. It is a wonderful piece of work.

More information required.


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Number 003

From - Jennifer Ward 19/07/2004

James Ward (born about 1827 in Rawtenstall) married Elizabeth Ingham (born about 1829 in Bouke?)
1. William Ward (born 1851 in Rawtenstall) married Besty (born about 1854 in Dundee, Monhose, Scotland) 2. Mary Ward (born about 1856 in Rawtenstall) 3. Ashworth Ward (born about 1858 in Rawtenstall) married Alice Simpson (born about 1857 in Rawtenstall) in Dec Q 1878 4. Sarah Ward (born1861 in Rawtenstall) 5. Emma Ward (born Sep Q 1862 in Rawtenstall) 6. Alice Ann Ward (born about 1866 in Rawtenstall) married Mar Q 1885 Burnley to Thomas Duerden (Dearden) 7. Rachel Ward (born about 1872 in Rawtenstall)

Children of William Ward and Betsy
1. Fred Ward (born Dec Q 1875 in Rawtenstall) 2. James William Ward (born about 1878 in Cloughfold or Rawtenstall) 3. Annie Ward (born Dec Q 1880 in Nelson) 4. Rennie Ward (born Sep Q 1883 in Nelson) 5. Maggie Ward (born about 1885 in Nelson) 6. Eleanor Ward (born Mar Q 1889 in Nelson) 7. Harry Ward (born about 1891 in Nelson) 8. Bertie Ward (born Jun Q 1897 in Nelson)

Children of Ashworth Ward and Alice Simpson 1. John William Ward (born about 1880 in Nelson) 2. James Robert Ward (born Dec Q 1881 in Rawtenstall) 3. George Ward (born Jun Q 1883 in Rawtenstall) This is my Great-Grandfather.
4. Emma Ward (born about 1888 in Rawtenstall) 5. Edith Ward (born Mar Q 1892 in Rawtenstall) 6. Sarah Ward (born about 1896 in Rawtenstall).

Anybody know the above Thomas Duerden / Dearden?


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Number 002

From - Lorraine Lind Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I am researching my husband's ancestors.  They are Benjamin (d 22 June 1884) and Margaret FELL (died 1 March 1888), I understand they are both interred at Grindleton Church  - this was gleaned from remembrance cards in the family's possession.  Their daughter Jane married James WALLBANK at Clitheroe probably Dec 1879.  They came to NZ with a young family in 1908.    I am struggling to get details to take me back in time, both for the FELL and WALLBANK families.  If you can shed any light on the path I should take I would be delighted.


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